Curiouser and Curaçao

For some time I have been pissed off that the number of countries with anyone mad enough to read this nonsense has stalled at 169.

Imagine my delight when some deranged individual in Curaçao stumbled across the ramblings of rugbyoldbloke sometime yesterday.

I always thought curacao was some sort of exotic cocktail with an umbrella in it – the sort that Del boy favoured. Or else maybe Harro had hacked the blog & was taking the piss with a wind up. Unlikely of course, as Harro is a twat.

However a swift Google and I discovered it is in fact a Caribbean Island in the .. well, Caribbean.

It looks a very nice place and I suspect that whoever it was who pitched up here yesterday must have had a severe case of sunstroke.

Not that I’m complaining – that’s 170 up – and just 26 places to go until someone in every country on the planet has ended up here – not the same person, obviously!

So – Central African Republic stop pissing about – you know you want to hear all about the Askeans and my unbelievable rugby prowess don’t you? Unbelievable being a somewhat accurate description (sadly)





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