Wall Games

Yesterday McDonald Trumpton said that the wall is going to be built ahead of schedule –

“We’re building the wall,” he said.

“In fact it’s going to start very soon. Way ahead of schedule. It’s way, way, way ahead of schedule.”

This is less impressive than it sounds since he didn’t ever actually say what the schedule was in the first place. Talking about it is different to laying the bricks –

One of the latest estimates, from an internal Department of Homeland Security report is that the wall will take three-and-a-half years to build. The agency is aiming to seal the border in three phases of construction of fences and walls, completing its work by the end of 2020, 

But that estimate is almost certainly too ambitious, and for a few reasons. First and foremost, there’s the fact that Congress still has to approve the bulk of the money for a project that is likely to cost tens of billions of dollarsaccording to several estimates.

Even if lawmakers approved that kind of cash this week, the wall almost certainly wouldn’t be complete by the end of Trump’s first term—or even a potential second term. 

Mexico have responded to his claim that they will have to pay for it with a polite “vete a la chingada

(according to Google this is the vernacular translation for “Fuck Off”).

This video probably sums up the Mexican attitude more precisely –


I seem to remember there have been more speeches about walls

They seem a lot more presidential – but maybe that’s just me!

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