Well, I’ll be Damned

There’s a joke that everyone knows about the bloke in church who delivers the punchline “I think I’ll risk one eye”

On the off chance that you’re the only one in Christendom (ha ha!) who hasn’t heard it –

A pastor known for his hell-fire-and-brimstone sermons was preaching one Sunday morning. During the course of his sermon, he looked up to the choir loft and saw a woman standing so close to the rail that he could see up her skirt. In shock, he announces to the congregation, “There is a woman in the choir loft standing so close to the railing that you can see up her skirt. Anyone who turns around and looks will go blind.” An old man in the front pew covers one eye, turns around and says, “I’ll risk one eye!” 

As an atheist I probably would have made sure I got a good look and quickly whipped out my glasses too!

But my favourite religious one is this –


Go on tell me you didn’t at least have a little guffaw. Now you should go and wash your mouth out, just in case.

I‘ll be damned if I’m going to though!



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