Ketchup TV

I haven’t taken the piss out of stupid scientists for a bit, so I thought I’d tell you about this brilliant bit of ‘blokes in white coats pissing about’ –

Scientists in the US may have found a solution to one of the classic dinner table problems – getting every drop of ketchup out of a bottle.

Of course they’ll be pretending that there are lots of other uses for this ‘ketchnology’ but I reckon they came up with the project when they were out on a bender one night and played  ‘the most stupid idea for work next week’ to win a round of shots.

There is a lot of stupid reality stuff on TV at the moment but I think ‘Ketchup TV’ could be a real winner. This would involve husbands and wives trying to guess the sex of each other whilst dressed in condiment outfits that completely cover their naughty bits.

Complete bollocks of course, but not quite as stupid as ‘Love at first Kiss’ which actually exists –

A new television show requires participants to kiss complete strangers to decide whether they want to go on a date with them.

The eight-episode TLC series, Love At First Kiss, asks people to lock lips – without even an introduction – to assess their compatibility

How’s that working out for you love?

I mean seriously – who watches this crap for fuck’s sake?


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