‘Quote Unquote’

There are times occasionally (well pretty often to be honest) when I really wish I’d thought before I said something.

Luckily this nonsense and my twitter stuff doesn’t get read much – and are instantly forgettable anyway.

Last week a number of people were less fortunate when they decided it was a good idea to open their traps!

Britain’s youngest Euromillions winner wants to sue Lotto for ‘ruining her life’

‘At times it feels like winning the lottery has ruined my life,’ she told the Sunday People.

She is reported to be considering suing Camelot, who run the Euromillions.

Do you think maybe she’s so upset because she wasted too much of her winnings on getting those stupid tattoos on her wrists?

Then there was the bloke from UKIP –


The UKIP leader, 

Paul Nuttall, is facing more questions about Hillsborough after being forced to admit that claims on his website about losing close friends in the disaster were false.

But most offensively was the truly offensive Aaron Banks –


The charming Aaron is the biggest donor to UKIP and is really keen on dismantling the NHS –


I found this surprising as UKIP led the campaign to quit the EU and to use the money to fund the NHS.

Maybe Aaron was too busy thinking up other offensive things to say on the day they decided that?

My stupid stuff doesn’t seem too bad when you think about it!



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