My Numbers Up

At around 9pm last night the number of views for this blog went over 100,000 (no – really!). However the number of countries where it has been read has stalled at just 169 – it has been stuck there for a couple of months now, for fuck’s sake!

So, if you are stuck somewhere in the Central African Republic or sailing around Micronesia put your bloody reading glasses on. I realise that last bit was pretty stupid – if you are in one of those places and reading this then the number would have ticked over to 170. 171 if there are two of you!

I’ve just checked and it’s still on bleeding 169, so you’re obviously somewhere else.

I said it was a dumb thing to write didn’t I? Much like the rest of the nonsense that’s on here.

Anyway when I first started to scribble here back in July 2013, I never for one moment imagined it would take this fucking long to get to 100,000.

And still there’s no sign of a bastard publishing contract!

Right I have to go – apparently it’s time for me to don that nice cardy – the one with the straps that do up at the back.


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