Forrest Trump

There was a Monty Python sketch called ‘Argument’ – It’s a bit like watching Don in a press conference – especially the first part where Graham Chapman does a very fair impersonation of the new President having a chat with a CNN reporter –

I’m surprised that Don hasn’t yet acquired the soubriquet ‘Teflon’ – no matter how stupid the things he says, nothing seems to affect his popularity with his ‘followers’.

They now seem to have adopted his mantra that the press are all, without exception, complete and inveterate liars. This is true in every case according to Don except for those where they happen to agree with his point of view (like Breitbart and the liberal KKK weekly).

Trump’s approach is a bit like the rules on conjugating Latin verbs – they’re all the same except these!

Trump supporters actually believe him when he says that all the media is corrupt –

They are a bit like Chelsea fans – everybody hates us we don’t care!

He can do no wrong – even when he’s wrong –

This didn’t happen in Sweden last night – but still the Numpty Trumpies eat it up with a spoon!

Donald Trump appears to have blamed migrants for an incident in Sweden that didn’t happen.The billionaire told a cheering rally in Florida last night that something unspecified had happened “last night”, i.e. on Friday.But journalists have been at a loss to find any specific incident taking place on Friday night.Sweden’s security service told Aftonbladet there was no change to the threat level, and former PM Carl Bildt fumed: “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?”

So – atrocities at Bowling Green and in Sweden that were simply made up – where next won’t these bastards attack?

I just hope there isn’t a non- terrorist threat in Turnip Town anytime soon.


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