Roar Talent

The Lions tour is just a few months away and is starting to get more coverage as the excitement builds.

Yesterday Warren Gatland fed several stories to the rugby media.

A warning for the players to behave in New Zealand, where the media will scrutinise them on and off the pitch –

There is a reason that so many players have been caught misbehaving there in recent years. And it will be all the more intense on a Lions tour when, as Martin Johnson has just said, it “feels like the whole rugby world is watching”. The key thing, Gatland says, is for the Lions to make sure they do not give the press any easy targets. 

An expectation that there will be dirty tricks, even if there is nothing for the media to pick on –

“If things are too nice and going too smoothly there is always that potential for someone to look for a negative story or a negative angle or there is a sting being done.

And his decision on the captain for the tour will be left as late as possible

“I will be leaving it as late as I possibly can, as I did last time, before I talk to that person,” Gatland said. “But I have got a few names in mind and without being definitive … the first thing we will do is pick the squad and look at potential candidates and who can captain the touring side.”

There are still 3 rounds of the 6 Nations to go – with more than just the championship to play for!


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