Owening Up

Dreadful headline I know – but I have used just about every other pun available when mentioning Nigel Owens.

Nigel is fronting a new campaign ‘Respect the Ref’ in association with Tissot watches – the blokes who are apparently in control of the race to the red clock.


With the launch of this campaign Nigel has given a couple of interviews about the game.

This one covers when he started officiating –


“When I do after dinner speaking at rugby clubs and see some of the players or referees from 25 or 30 years ago, when I was a kid coming through the system.

“Some of them will tell me a few stories when they remember me reffing back years ago and I said something (funny) which I’d forgotten about. It’s always been there I guess.

“I don’t go out on the field to have or force the banter. I just be myself and I say it as it is in the moment what I feel needs to be said. It’s nothing that’s prepared, it’s just the way my personality is really.

“That’s the way I am on and off the field. There’s a time and place for it as well – you don’t go onto the field just to say something for the sake of it, I just say it because that’s what I think needs to be said at the time.”

This one for GQ covers his views on the modern game


I hadn’t refereed Treviso for about six years and the scrum half for them was a South African, Tobias Botes, and five or ten minutes into the game he’s starting to complain about decisions. What went through my mind was, “I don’t think I’ve refereed this guy before, because if I had he’d know better than to question my decisions. When he went too far I said, “Right, stop the game…”

Nigel Owens is a class act – it’s not hard to see why he’s regarded as the best ref on the planet!


One thought on “Owening Up

  1. I’ve always felt that u were a closet shirtlifter Shite Face!. This is now a firm affirmation!

    It’s never too late to ‘out’ yourself, your good friends will always be there for Terry! But.. on the upside, she’s used to being on her own!

    Your homo phobia free friend, Harro

    Pete Harrison
    From my Iphone

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