Poor Return

The Premiership made a welcome return at the weekend and although I got all three 6 Nations results right, I wasn’t so hot with the league predictions.

My score was 3 ½ which was pretty pathetic.

Both my mistakes were thinking that Saracens and the Falcons would win on the road – they didn’t.

The only thing in my defence is that both teams picked up a losing bonus point – and Falcons also managed a try bonus point as well.

Worcester’s surprise win over Saracens lifted them 5 points clear of Bristol – who lost badly to Quins at home. The Warriors also have a better points difference.

I suppose I have to mention the draw, if only to draw (ha ha) some sarky comment from Airdy

The 35 all between the Chiefs and Wasps was some game with both sides picking up 3 points!

In ‘Lions’ parlance this will show that I’m getting my retaliation in first on my mate from Yorkshire –


One thought on “Poor Return

  1. Me, would I ever be sarcastic? No, not me – never. Well done on this weeks predictions, it was really well done. With the you half point you grabbed you nudged just higher than tossing a fucking coin for your predictions. Well done, brilliant!!!!

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