Joe Soap

There is a danger that the whole ‘Hey Joe’ saga that started last week is turning into a soap opera.

I will finally put it to bed with this third post and an e-mail from Dave regarding the rugby photo featuring Joe ‘Swing Low’ Stead –

From: “David” <davidgpowell
Date: 11 February 2017 at 12:34:28 GMT
To: “David Shute”
Subject: Re: Swing Low……..


Just to complete the picture, Mick Wilton was the outside centre and it’s Dave Burgess at the back of the lineout, don’t know who we were playing, I think it could have been a West Country side.



The scary thing is that I played with many of the blokes featured in the shot over 50 years ago!

I’m not sure that Dave is right about the opposition being a West Country side – none of them look as if they are from  one of those  ‘why they shouldn’t let cousins marry’ villages!


3 thoughts on “Joe Soap

  1. I’m sad to report that Joe Stead appears to have passed away last month:

    I knew him slightly back in the seventies via The Tramshed in Woolwich where he would entertain or host others entertaining and one could enjoy a pint (sometimes more) of Fullers ESB or London Pride at a time they weren’t as generally available as now.

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