With All Due Respect

I wrote here yesterday about the BBC pulling a dire promotional video for the 6 Nations game at Cardiff tomorrow (‘No Offence’)

The BBC claimed that it had been taken off because it was deemed by some to be ‘offensive’ and ‘borderline racist’.

This is complete bollocks – it must surely have been withdrawn because it was totally lacking in wit, humour or anything worth watching.


It would be hard to be offended by something that was so tedious and dull.

The very least they could have done was to employ a decent copywriter to make it even slightly amusing!


Bloke 1 “Well I don’t mind that Graham Norton”

Bloke 2 “He’s Irish you twat!”


Bloke 3 “ Well, The One Show’s not half bad”

Doris 1 “That’s because the Doris on the sofa is Welsh”


Doris 2 ”Strictly isn’t complete shit is it?”

Doris 3  “No – but why Blackpool?  Penarth’s got a lovely tea room – proper flushing toilets and all”

And they could have easily written a Python ‘What have the English ever done for us eh?’


With all due respect BBC  (meaning none at all) – it wasn’t offensive – it was simply fucking rubbish!


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