When the going gets Scruff

Once again I am indebted to our good American friend Lyn who sent this note to Terry when she read yesterday’s post (‘By the Scruff of the Neck’) –

From: Lynda <
Date: 7 February 2017 at 15:25:01 GMT
To: teresa shute

Subject: Clothes

Terry … I have never observed Scruff inappropriately attired. He is environmentally sound…the world is drowning in excess clothing (google it!). He is economically thrifty & minimizing his footprint…who needs 80 pairs of sneakers & >4 closets-ful of shirts/shorts/pants (even when they all were purchased at bargain prices?) The world needs Scruff to balance out we-know-who! Scruff prioritizes his time well…taking care of your home & garden instead of wasting precious minutes deciding whether this will be a blue, brown or multicolor day. Just check out those special event photos…weddings, Lell’s 30th, Askean dinners…he’s the handsome dude!!
PS — I’ll try to remember to bring a new shirt when I come over!

I am really grateful to Lyn and I hope she also brings those rose coloured specs she uses!

I notice that Harro and Airdy are too busy pissing themselves laughing to be able to take the piss out of my haute couture this week!


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