Oh Danny Boy

You often see lists in sport that suggest some people didn’t reach their full potential or there was a wasted talent.

If you did one for rugby it is pretty certain that Danny Cipriani would be on it.

A player who can light up the field and be a real game changer has accumulated just 14 caps since his first international back in 2008.

Unfortunately he has spent almost as much time on the front pages of the tabloids as he has in the sports sections of the broadsheets. Presumably this is the key reason that Stuart Lancaster didn’t have him in the 2015 World Cup squad – despite his electric performance of the bench against France in the warm up game.

Maybe coaches think that you don’t know what you will get with Danny – or rather that they do!

Cipriani went to the same school as Rich and I remember he and a bunch of his mates went to see Whitgift in a national schools final at Twickenham – they all came back raving about this kid in the number 10 shirt – as did the papers!

Who knows what he could have achieved if he’d been as dedicated and single minded as Jonny?

Seems such a waste to me.


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