Charm School

Despite us heading into the second week of the 6 Nations there seems to be a distinct lack of the usual tribal nonsense between players, coaches and fans.

Apart from the Ronan O’Gara dig at the Jocks – and the latter’s understandable delight after the final whistle (including that of Gregor Townsend) – it has all been a bit muted.

Eddie Jones has tried – again understandably, to play down the heated atmosphere at the Principality Stadium, but that’s about it.

“I have been to the Principality Stadium and it is just another ground, so we will just have to work out why England don’t play well in Wales. Maybe it is something to do with crossing the Severn River.”


Sam Warburton even went as far as to say that England could almost be talked about in the same breath as the All Blacks!

Whilst I doubt he really means it, it is not what you expect to hear from the other side of the Severn when England are about to pitch up.

Even the great JPR has weighed in, warning Eddie Jones not to let Wales close the roof on Saturday –

“If the roof is closed it makes a big impact on the atmosphere. That will make it an even more hostile environment for the English players,”


This may be a bluff or even a double bluff from the legendary full back, but, having been there, I think he’s right.

The one bloke who seems not to be on  a total charm offensive this week is Lawrence –

Frankly I find it preferable not to have all the bollocks spouted – the only stuff that matters is on the 3 pitches on Saturday and Sunday!


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