Ad Nauseum

There is a poster campaign that has just been launched in London that I think is pretty offensive.

The headline is clumsily designed to shock and is simply grotesque in the light of recent atrocities.

The thinking behind the poster is at best muddled –

“The crew of our nuclear submarines are on a suicide mission,” the posters claims. “To launch their missiles means death is certain, not just for them, but for the millions of innocent people those bombs will obliterate, and for the rest of us too.”

The spoof posters, installed by a ‘subverting organisation’ known as Special Patrol Group, were designed by British artist Darren Cullen

In contrast here is a campaign that is actually clever and motivating.

It is a series of anti- drink drive ads created in NSW – Rich sent me the details –


I know which one is likely to be most effective!



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