Broadcast News

At the huge risk of sounding pretentious, whilst at the same time giving Harro and Airdy the opportunity to call me ponsy, we went to see an opera last night.

It was another of the ‘live’ broadcasts at the Turnip Town cinema – this one from the Royal Opera House.

It was ll Trovatore – and it was fantastic!

It wasn’t an opera I was familiar with and it was a new production in a modern setting. I brilliantly spotted this when they had AK47s, took selfies, rode on a tank and wore army fatigues. I am guessing that these were not that popular in the 1850s.

To be honest we only went because Terry spotted a two for one offer and there was bugger all on the box last night – not unless you were a fan of reality bollox anyway.

The plot was marginally more plausible than a Gilbert and Sullivan, but this was more than made up for, with a multitude of murder, torture, suicide, fratricide and matricide. In fact the only side missing was a salad – even then they had a rocket.

The music and singing was outstanding and whilst it wasn’t as good as being there, it was the next best thing – and a fuck of a lot cheaper! Also educational – I always thought that the ‘Anvil Song’ was from Aida!

Last night it was broadcast to nearly 1,000 cinemas in 24 countries and the sub-titles were in 9 different languages (only English on our screen, obviously).

We are going back again tomorrow evening to see a live broadcast of  ‘Amadeus’  from the National– we haven’t seen a stage production since 1981 when Frank Finlay played Salieri.

A very la-di-da post I admit – but if you haven’t seen one of these broadcasts then you really are missing something.


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