Guess What

I told you on Friday that I knew bugger all about the Anglo Welsh Cup didn’t I?

Well for once it turns out I was right.

Of my 8 Round 3 guesses (they hardly count as predictions) I managed a poor 4 plus a ½ (which will piss Airdy off – but at least edged me over the 50% mark)

I missed out on the three away wins and the draw.

I watched some of the games and, as I expected, most teams included a fair number of youngsters (who I didn’t know).

I’m guessing it will become more interesting when we get to the knockout stage – from the tables it looks like only Quins have so far guaranteed a place. Tigers currently look strong but have to go to Saracens in round 4

I’ll probably guess again next week which sees round 4 as well as the start of the 6 Nations – my best guess is that you don’t give a toss of course!


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