Wild Goosen Chase?

You might remember there was a rather bizarre story coming out of Racing 92 recently – and not the one where last year’s finalists didn’t make it out of the pool in the Champions Cup.

Back in December Johan Goosen ‘retired’ from rugby at the age of 24 and left France (and an outraged Racing management) to return to South Africa.

The biggest surprise was that Goosen had been the ‘Best Player in Top 14 Rugby’ in 2016 –


At the time it was said that the 13 cap Springbok was taking up a role as a ‘Commercial Director’.

Racing suggested that it was a cheap trick to let him get out of his contract with them.

Racing 92 coach Ronan O’Gara was said to be stunned by the move and earlier this month Racing indicated that they would take legal proceedings against Goosen and any club that subsequently signed him.

Goosen is now apparently living on his farm and the story took another twist yesterday when media reports that he had accidentally shot his mate, Armandt Stoman, in the ankle!


Such is the continued interest in France however, that two journalists from the French TV channel, Canal Plus, flew to South Africa to try and track him down on his farm.

A video was uploaded onto the channel’s Twitter page where the two journalists can be heard talking to an unknown man regarding Goosen’s whereabouts.

“He doesn’t stay on the farm permanently, he comes two days a week to work here,” the man can be heard saying.


Armandt was last night in hospital where he had an operation.

So a bit more than an ankle tap then!



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