Facing Up

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought it was worth sharing
Matt Haig

23 January at 15:45 · 

I think one of the reasons why Donald Trump is where he is, right now, in charge of 7,000 nuclear warheads and every uterus in America is because of not just his own personality cult, but the wider cult of the businessman. The entrepreneur. The billionaire.

It’s been ridiculous, in recent years. Our desire to reward the greediest members of society with fame and praise as well as wealth.

The schadenfreude and humiliation ritual of Dragon’s Den, the lauding of Simon Cowell as some kind of guru of musical taste simply because he made a ton of money from Robson and Jerome. Surely we can now agree that shows like The Apprentice which spawned not only Trump but, lest we forget, Katie Hopkins were a bad thing.

Money is not a virtue. The pursuit of money for its own sake doesn’t make you a) happy or b) a good person. Especially when, according to Fortune magazine, the world’s 8 richest men contain 50% of the world’s wealth.

That is, transparently, wrong. The rich aren’t 20,000 richer than other people because they are 20,000 times cleverer or have worked 20,000 times harder than a primary school teacher.

We know all this. It’s as old and corny as time. But also true.

A better world first needs better heroes. Scientists, educators, doctors, activists. Anyone who doesn’t resemble the most powerful homo sapien on this tender little blue dot we call home.

Just a thought.

Not a bad thought – I thought!


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