Goodbye Again

This morning Steve Homewood passed on the sad news that Tony Allen has passed away.

I’ve searched all of my stuff and found this team photo with Tony in –

Standing: Lunny, Tony ‘champagne’ Allen, Mick Sidgewick, Doggy, Jimmy, Keith Brown, Brian Howard, Kev,
Seated: Kipper, Pete Palethorpe, John Ratcliffe, Phil, Alan Johnson, Butch, me
On ground: Micky, Dunky

The last time I saw Tony was at an Askean pre-match lunch almost exactly 3 years ago (19th January 2014)

I also have this e-mail he sent in reply to a post on the blog –

From: AnthonyAllen
Sent: 05 November 2013 14:14
To: David Shute; ‘Ian Campbell’
Subject: Re:Tony Allen’s Stag Night

Hi Guys,  thanks for forwarding the memories of my Stag Night.  Only 43 and a bit years ago.  I must say most of it I cannot recall.   Not surprising really.

Firstly, I do not remember “Frankie Briggs”.  What connection did he have to the club?  Secondly, my stag night was not held on a Friday but on a Thursday night.  If it had been Friday night I would never have made the Wedding which I did: on the Saturday.

I cannot say that I remember the stump games, not surprising.

Also I did not need any hospital treatment.  Well, not from that night.  I did whack my head and needed some make-up to camouflage my eye brow on the day.

So, I am wondering if the memory of my stag night is confused with some other stag do. I’m sure I cannot remember.   Best of luck with your blog Dave.  I will try to recall some incidents to help you out.

Kind regards, Tony Allen.

Another sad day – I will post details of the funeral when I have them from Steve.


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