Acting Up

A couple of years ago there was concern expressed about the amount of ‘diving’ that was creeping into the game.

Recently this has been less apparent – possibly as a result of the embarrassment from the piss taking by fans and the media. It was something that happened in football but not rugby.

It reared its ugly head (sic) again at the weekend when a slap from Will Skelton caused James Davies to audition with a triple salko –

There is no doubt that Skelton made contact and a yellow card was probably justified (despite this being a contact sport). However the exaggerated ‘stagger and dive by Davies would have been laughable if it hadn’t been calculated to attract attention.

It’s not new, but WR need to underline that it is not acceptable.

As I said it has happened before –

The worst dives in rugby

1 Damian Traille

At the start of the Top 14 season in 2013 Damian Traille got Clermont’s Julien Bardy sent to the sin bin with an outrageous bit play-of acting during Biarritz’s defeat by Clermont in August 2013.

2 Simaika Mikaele

During the Marist American Samoa 7s Cup semi-final between villages Vaiala and Vailele, Simaika Mikaele makes a mockery of the image of Samoan rugby players as hard men after a pathetic fight ends him with rolling around on the floor.

3 Bryan Habana

The Toulon winger was forced into a public apology after a dive on the biggest stage in European club rugby. A  chip and chase resulted in a bit of contact from Owen Farrell, and Habana collapsed like a deck of cards.

4 Yoann Huget

A game between Toulouse and Bath as the Champions Cup group stages reaches fever pitch, until a touch from Horacio Agulla takes Huget down and farcical scenes ensue.

If it does continue then players may well feel that they might as well get ‘hung for a sheep as a lamb’


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