Score Draws

Before I publish (ooh get me!) the results for my predictions in the Champions Cup R5 I wanted to outline just how my scoring works. The operative word here is ‘MY’!

If I get the result wrong I get 0 points

For a correct result its 1 point

With me so far?

If the result is a draw then I am not, by definition, completely right or indeed totally wrong.

In this instance it seems reasonable to follow the same rules as the Champions Cup itself and to divide the available points. So for a draw I award myself half a point.

Technically if I have picked the away team to win I should actually get more – say ¾ of a point – but I accept that would be maybe a bit silly.

The point of me providing this guide for you is to explain ‘MY’ (again a key element here) system.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or indeed have an IQ much above a rocket salad to understand how it works.

Unless of course you are Airdy who always sends me an abusive message whenever I put myself down for a half point following a draw.

So this opening bit has been purely for the benefit of Mr Aird and the rest of you can ignore it.

As you may have gathered there was a draw this week – Saracens snatching a very late try to draw 22-22 with Scarlets.

The rest of the games pretty much went my way and I ended up with 8½ out of 10.

The one I got wrong was thinking that the Tigers would turn over Racing 92. Boy did I ever get that wrong!

There were others that only just went my way – not least Wasps who just scraped home and saved their campaign with, like Saracens another very late try.

The final round next week will sort out the quarters – so far Leinster, Munster, Clermont and Saracens are in. Wasps will definitely join them. As for the other 4 places – these are up in the air and technically 8 teams could still get one of the 4 remaining spots.

I think Connacht, Toulon and Glasgow are the most likely, although Toulon will need a big game at Allianz Park.

Big weekend coming up!


One thought on “Score Draws

  1. My, my, my, me, me, me – mmmmh. Obviously, you have taken a leaf out of Trump’s book. Under these circumstances I will now drop your half point as your rules are your rules!!! You are right and I am w..r…..o……n…….g

    Best regards,


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