Brain Drain

A few weeks ago I mentioned the film ‘Concussion’ and the link that has been established between head injuries in the NFL and the troubling effects on players that occur in later life.

There is now a study in New Zealand into similar dangers that can result from head injuries in rugby –

The research doesn’t claim definitive results –

“The study has established the need for further research into this aspect of rugby players’ long-term health.

“Current and future elite players would benefit from learning more about the differences in motor cortex function they may experience, which can impact the ability to learn and perform new motor skills.”

In the States the NFL refused for a long time to accept the link between injuries and brain function. Despite the recent controversies over George North, Jonny Sexton and Connor Murray, World Rugby and the Unions are starting to take concussion in rugby a lot more seriously.

That is good news!





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