70 Not Out

Only going to post some short stuff today as I’m off to London later for Billy Tyrell’s 70th birthday bash. Well, I say ‘bash’ – at my advancing years it’s more likely that I’ll be back on the road home in time to listen to the Archers!

The snow has drifted off from Turnip Town and as far as I can see from the weather channels, South East London looks okay. It takes about 4 hours usually, depending on how many tractors and village idiots are out and about. So I’d better think about stopping scribbling this nonsense and getting togged up in my donkey jacket and gum boots – Askean do’s tend to be pretty posh affairs and I wouldn’t like to let the side down (unlike in my playing days!).

I was planning to go up earlier and watch Askeans play, but it isn’t going to get above one degree apparently – fuck that for a game of rugby!

Should be a good night – I haven’t seen Bill for a long time.

Will have to get some Red Bull so I don’t nod off on the way back – I’ll have to buy it nearer London, if you order it down here you could end up with a load of bullocks!


One thought on “70 Not Out

  1. This reminds me of a well known weather warning

    Southerners: There is going to be dreadful weather with deep snow and possible drifting – only travel if you real must and it is highly essential!!!!
    Northerner: You may need your big coat!

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