Storm in a T-Shirt

A lot of self -righteous indignation was expressed yesterday about someone knocking out England Grand Slam 2017 T shirts. This was mainly by the media and those of a Celtic persuasion decrying the arrogance of the English.

Get over yourselves for fuck’s sake – this is not England being stupidly arrogant but a marketing stunt for a T –shirt brand.


The T shirt itself is poorly designed and they had to plagiarise the Munster pride statement since they obviously don’t have anyone capable of copywriting something original. It looks a lot better on a Munster shirt too!

They’ve so far sold 9 apparently – presumably to some deluded blokes who know bugger all about rugby. I expect they’ve had to run off 8 of them this morning as they surely only produced one for a photo, never expecting anyone would be stupid enough to buy one.

The company is based in Stockport – hardly a centre of all 6 Nations, or indeed any, rugby knowledge and the ad was on Groupon with links to their main site – to drive traffic for their (hopefully) higher quality and more thought out products.

Patently the shirt is not officially licensed by the RFU, who will be extra wary following the moronic video and T shirts that Nike produced back in 2011.

This is such a fucking pathetic non-story I can’t believe I’m actually writing about it!


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