Fake News

It’s not just Donald Trump who can scream “fake news” and “witch hunt” you know.

What about all this nonsense in the media about a so-called crisis in the NHS?


Personally I think it’s some kind of Russian conspiracy designed to oust Mrs May and to shoe horn in Jeremy Can’t to number 10 (I mean Corbyn not Hunt – although neither of them patently ‘can’)



It’s time for the ‘Leavers’ to fight back and dispel these ugly stories. Any day now I fully expect Boris, IDS, David Davis and Liam Fox to join their mate Nigel and declare that the NHS is perfectly healthy and about to enjoy a big bonus of maybe as much as £350 million a week.


Thus refuting this scandalous scaremongering of a crisis and dispensing once and for all the suggestion that they are simply total fucking liars.

If you’re not sure about my position on this look up ‘sarcasm’ in the Oxford English.

As an aside we’ve been at various hospitals every day this week and the staff and treatment have been outstanding – and this is not sarcasm.

If the government don’t prioritise the NHS with the resources and cash it deserves then, in the words of Brian Clough, “they shouldn’t be on the pitch!”



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