Crowd Finding

A report yesterday produced a list of the best attended sports events in 2015.

To allow for an even playing field (ha ha) it was based on average attendances –

The 6 Nations came out on top with an average attendance of 72,000 across each of the 15 games.

Whilst this, of course underlines the massive popularity of this annual carnival it has to be noted that it benefits from fewer games than many competitions and is consolidated into just a few weeks – thus maintaining a high interest. As such it is always likely to be ahead of those tournaments that are spread over a much longer period.


This is not to denigrate the 6 Nations – far from it –it remains the biggest rugby event in the NH every year except in those years with a World Cup or Lions tour.

The Lions can’t really be included in the list as it comprises just 3 test matches and is only once in 4 years – it does justify a mention however as the best supported touring team in any sport. No other team can rely on 25,000 travelling fans pitching up for their games.

I suspect that the 2017 (and last year’s 2016) 6 Nations will once again top the ratings when they are produced – a position that will not be harmed by the introduction of bonus points.

As they say – ‘Grab a ticket whilst you can’

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