Sense and Sensibilities

There is absolutely no sign of the arguments over the new laws slowing down.

I find the assertion against the new law that it is killing the game rather hard to understand. Is the argument that rugby is only worth playing and watching if you are allowed to get away with targeting a bloke’s head? Or at least if you do it  without being reckless?

Even when I played stamping on someone’s noggin or using a clothesline to slow him down a tad got a bit of a ticking off from the ref – or at least by the ones who happened to notice it, anyway.

As always a degree of common sense comes from the incomparable Nigel Owens –

As Nigel says the law was always there!

Another interesting view was expounded by Will Greenwood –

“This is being done for the right reason. There will be some inconsistencies early on, but you either be a Luddite, bury your head in the sand and moan about absolutely every decision or accept that World Rugby authorities are trying their best to make this a zero-tolerance area, a no-go area, a safer area for friends and players and family to play in.

There is a long way to go before things settle down, in the meantime expect the row to continue – not least in the European games this weekend.


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