Home Grown

Going for all home wins in the Premiership this week turned out to give me a bit of a result.

I scored 5.5 out of 6 which was something of an improvement on last week’s 2 out of 6 shambles (3.5 to be exact).

I awarded myself the half for the draw – this despite Airdy’s regular, abusive (and boring) insistence that it is either a right or wrong prediction and draws don’t count. Frankly I think a draw is half right (and okay – half wrong) – and since the Premiership divide the points, I’m going to as well.

To be absolutely honest, getting a draw for Saracens should probably be three quarters of a point since they played with only 14 blokes for 70 minutes – however as I can’t be arsed to argue with Airdy (again) I am the one who is going to be magnanimous (which means that I won’t need to tell him to piss off this time).

I covered the 14 men issue yesterday in ‘Seeing Red’.

Once more the increasing competitive nature of the Premiership was in evidence – there could quite easily have been 5 away wins this week (Worcester being the odd one out, obviously).

Tigers gave Wasps a scare yesterday and Bristol, Sale and the Chiefs were within one score. Newcastle only overtook Bath in the dying minutes.

My better selections this week pushed up my cumulative score back into the 70s – much needed after the debacle in round 12.

There’s now a two week gap as the European competitions return.

My less than informed predictions will appear here later in the week.


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