Seeing Red

It’s not just players who are seeing red over the new high tackle law – coaches and fans are pretty miffed too.

Personally I think the new law is a good thing and needs time to settle down – besides the red card incident in yesterday’s Saracens v Chiefs game, there were 4 players off with concussion. To be fair not all were as a result of high tackles, but the very fact that there were so many should give the critics of any plan to reduce head injuries pause for thought.

There will be a lot more coverage regarding the concussing of Geoff Parling. I think there was the potential for two red cards – or at least a red and a yellow.

How Brad Barritt was allowed to stay on the pitch was a bit baffling – if Richard Barrington hadn’t arrived in the middle of the tackle it is almost certain that Barritt would have got red. It seems likely that he will be cited over the next day or so.

My own view is that Barritt should have had red and Barrington yellow – which probably explains why I’m not a ref or in the TMO box.

It was refreshing to hear Alex Sanderson admit that he thought Brad Barritt was lucky and that he didn’t disagree with the red for Richard Barrington.

Later in the game the ref reviewed a possible dangerous tackle by Schalk Burger and ruled it, quite rightly in my view, as okay – proving maybe that the rules can be applied sensibly.

This is going to run and run and here is another video on the subject – an explanation of the application from a top ref –

Lots more to come on this over the next few weeks I suspect.



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