Ta for the Coarse

Last Monday Michael Green was 90.

That may not mean a great deal to many, but Michael Green is one of the most successful authors of rugby books of all time!

Some might suggest that his writing is less than authoritative than other guides to improving rugby skills – I would argue strongly that it remains one of the finest coaching manuals ever written.

The Art of Coarse Rugby is, without doubt, the most accurate tome detailing rugby below the higher echelons of the game. It also happens to be the funniest rugby book I have ever read – the very funny ‘Adrenalin Rush’ – the collected works of Eric Rush comes a close second but suffers from being primarily about proper grown up rugby.

I actually met Eric (Rush not Pickles!) in NZ on the 2005 Lions tour (as a supporter, obviously) but stupidly didn’t get him to sign my copy (primarily because it was 12,000 miles away in Purley – nudge nudge).

Back to Mr Green – a tribute was printed today on the ESPN web site  –


It is worth a read – but nothing like as much as Michael’s rugby books

I think it is telling that the ‘Even Coarser Rugby’ edition has an acknowledgement to Harro on the cover (top left) – although they left one R out (possibly because he is such an Rse)

Anyone who ever played for an Extra B team will recognise not just the things that went on at that level – but almost certainly themselves too!

You can still buy a copy today –


My thanks to Mr Green for hours of laughter and some embarrassing insights into my early rugby playing days at Askeans.



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