The Tony Awards

Tony and Jan Farrally were kind enough to drive down and visit us yesterday – which explained why I didn’t post on here until late in the afternoon.

It was great to see them and to catch up on stuff – not least the hectic life styles they lead – makes me tired just hearing about it!

As always they came loaded with fantastic gifts for the pair of us, including a magnificent History of the Lions tome for me – you can expect soon to be deluged with interesting facts that make me look like I know what I’m talking about!

Farrally instantly found the reference to the 1962 British Lion, John Brown, who taught me rugby at school. Obviously he was a much better player than teacher!

By comparison our gifts to them looked like we’d got them out of Christmas crackers from Poundland!

I really should be very embarrassed about that but I’ve been too busy reading all about the Lions tours that we went on – patently I was too pissed at the time to remember any details!

A brilliant time all round – we look forward to seeing them again in 2017.

Happy New Year and thanks again guys!

PS – As you will have noticed I completely forgot to take photos – what a nob head!


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