High Drama

This is the last weekend before the new high tackle law comes into force (ha ha).

This is an interesting video of the discussion on BT’s Rugby Tonight about the implications and predicted effect of the new law –


The clip includes a couple of examples where different sanctions would likely be applied as from 3rd January.

It is a balanced review from blokes who have played the game at the highest level and know much more about the game than I do (but then who doesn’t?)

However much of the discussion echoes the views I expressed here a couple of weeks ago when World Rugby announced the changes (‘Brain Damage’ and ‘A Weak Defence’).

The agreement seems to be that there will be a period of mayhem whilst everyone comes to terms with exactly how the new laws will be applied and then it will settle down.

Rugby will still be a game of huge physical impact and injuries will continue – but hopefully the levels of concussion and serious neck injuries will be reduced.

The idea that it will now effectively be ‘touch rugby’ is up there with the idea that Nigel Farage is a bleeding ‘man of the people’


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