A Stable Diet

There won’t be much room at the Premiership Inn table this weekend.

With a full fixture programme, the players will be watching everything on the heavily laden dinner tables – watching, but not indulging!

After a pathetic 55% over the last two rounds of my Champions Cup predictions, I’m hoping for a better return over the Christmas holidays – fat chance (which is an apt description for me come Boxing Day – or for most of the year, to be honest).

My predictions are –

Saints just about hold off the Sharks

Saracens get yet another bonus point when the Falcons pitch up

Wasps trip up Bath

The Chiefs stop Tigers run (of one)

Bristol to lose at home (again) and –

Quins knock over Gloucester at Twickenham 

Nearly all the games should be pretty tight with all losing sides getting a bonus point – the exception will be at Allianz Park where only Saracens will get a bonus – & be ahead by at least 26 when the clock turns red.

Tuck in guys – knowing the players won’t be, except on the pitch!


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