French Connection

The FFR made a dramatic announcement yesterday when Bernard Laporte confirmed that France will no longer select foreign born players for the national team –

“Our real desire is to promote the French sector, and play as many French players as possible,” said Laporte.

 “We told Rugby World that we had made a decision not to select foreign players even if the regulation allows us” explained Laporte.

“The regulations could change, but in our minds we do not want to use it, except in case of force majeure, our real will is to favor the French players, to play as many French players as possible. And be very careful about not impoverishing the Fijian federations, Georgian, Samoan, Tongan otherwise it impoverishes the international game, the interest is to have maximum competitive teams.”

World Rugby may well change the rules but it seems France have decided to adopt a passport policy anyway.

Bien pour eux

Let’s hope other Unions follow suit!


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