Oh – Just Champion!

Well that went really well!

My predictions for the Champions Cup were a complete shambles this week – I managed to get a pathetic 4 out of 10.

Two of the games went down to the last kick – I picked the Tigers but lost out when Wasps lost in overtime. I did point out at the time that the ref shouldn’t have allowed Connacht to go for the lineout as the clock was already red – but a). I was some distance and a sea away on the sofa and b). It would have been the first time in my life that a ref ever took any fucking notice of anything I ever spouted.

I imagine Dai Young (he really should have a Scandinavian assistant called Leaf Farst) and the Wasps squad are pretty miffed at the mistake!

I’m guessing that the EPCR statement was of little consolation –


The club are being relatively philosophical about it right now, but may not feel the same if it ultimately costs them in the tournament –


With just two more rounds to go the pools are sorting themselves out and the race is on to secure a home quarter final.

It will be interesting to see if EPCR do take some form of action regarding Saints sending a weakened team to Leinster.


If they choose to do nothing it could have an impact on the final standings with teams already eliminated saving their key players for the league competitions.



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