Engage Brain

I accept that I regularly talk a load of nonsense here – mostly tongue in cheek or a general rant– but I do try and keep some sort of engagement with reality.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion (except when I don’t agree with it, obviously) – consequently, I think this is just complete bollocks –


It is hard to argue that dangerous play needs to be curbed – in fact I argued just that in one of yesterday’s posts (‘Scorched Pitch’).

The idea that rugby can be ‘saved’ by banning Dylan Hartley for life is monumentally daft – as well as not fit for purpose.

Of course Dylan should pick up another ban (possibly longer than the 6 weeks he has just been given) – and he’ll be available for the 6 Nations opener.


A life ban would be ridiculously disproportionate.

It also has fuck all to do with making rugby ‘safer’ – I refer you again to ‘Scorched Pitch’ – just scroll down a bit.



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