The Wanted

Despite the fact that I’m retired, pushing 70 and a boring bastard it seems that I remain on someone’s wanted list – although sadly not Debbie from Dallas.

Last night I received 5 e-mails – all from the same bloke, indicating that I am in the frame for a new job –

Note the different times that they were sent – they must want me pretty badly eh?

Apparently I stand to pick up a nifty  $148,216 a week (even if I have to stand) – that’s around 30k a day – it’s over $20k even if I have to put in a shift of 7 days (one more than god and 358 less that Santa). Sadly, neither of these blokes exist – much like the job!

Obviously I’d only pitch up for a couple of weeks and then jack it in – hopefully the redundancy will be equally generous.

I’m not sure what I’ll have to do to get paid so well – I don’t mind it being a tad illegal – so long as sex toys aren’t involved. Only joking I’m very much hoping that they will be! That would be a win win for me!


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