Crunch Time

Airdy added a note to my post yesterday (‘Load of Old Balls’) –

I have known you for over 45 years and I have always felt you were ugly enough to star In The Hunchback of Norte Dame but I never realised you actually did have a hunchback!!!


He obviously didn’t guess that it was a typo on my part – it should have been ‘crunch pack’.

When I played I always included a giant pack of fun size crunchies in my kit in case I got the munchies (or ‘crunchies’ as I wittily called it, ha ha) at halftime. I didn’t dare to put them in the ‘valuables bag’ as I knew one of the bloody Askean props would have had them away! The answer was to strap them to my back – simples!

As Airdy indicated, we have been mates for 45 years – how the fuck did he not know whether I actually had a hunch?



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