The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

Terry and I are just back from taking Annalia and Rafa to see ‘Santa and the Pirates’ (as you do) which explains why the lateness and the paucity of the posts today!

The Good

There was a revolutionary head guard launched last month that is designed to reduce the risk of head injuries and concussion for rugby players –

Bearing in mind the current concerns (including George North only last week) this can only be a help.

The Bad

This bloke has to be drummed out of the ‘front row union’ –

A prop who can side-step and offload ffs?

Only a Maori side-step is acceptable for a low number – changing direction and avoiding contact by a prop is just embarrassing!

The Downright Ugly

This tackle is beyond dangerous – I don’t know if the guy was banned, he certainly should be –

I’m not even sure it could be described as a tackle since the ball is about 30 yards away!

As an aside – Annalia and Rafa are ‘The Good’, whereas I am both’The Bad & The Ugly’


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