High Anxiety

It was a day of high drama yesterday – and the first 20 minutes of the game against the wallabies was the least of it!

I explained yesterday that rich and I were going to have to record the game and then watch early evening as we were off  to see Santa (and before you take the piss it was mainly for the kids!). Having said that, I was pretty excited at the prospect of sitting on a fat bloke’s knee (although not in a creepy way, obviously).

On Friday morning Rafa had woken up with a small mark under his left eye – it looked like he’d had a slight knock. This is not that unusual, Raf is constantly running into things and tripping up (much like his grandfather!).

It was a little worse on Saturday morning before we went to get the Santa steam train, but by the afternoon it looked like I’d given him a decent right hander. Bit of an exaggeration – I’ve never been known to give a decent, half decent or even to connect with a right hander!

On the train back Rich and Silvi decided to take him to the A & E at Gloucester while we took Annalia home.

This was about 5 pm – they didn’t get back until half nine. At one point they were going to keep him in and put him on a drip!

They gave him a full MOT and check- up.

He has impetigo (not the one who played up front for Juventus) and has been put on penicillin. They have to go back first thing tomorrow – or earlier if his eye closes up.

He seems okay and is still running around like a maniac (no idea where he gets that from!)

As I am scribbling this he is attacking me with his pirate sword – so he seems not to be too worried (not like the rest of us then!). This will also account for the higher than usual s[pelling and grammatical errors!

Eventually Rich and I watched the game – it seemed pretty insignificant after the worry about Raf – but we were both pleased in the end.

We had avoided Harro’s texts, sport and news sites and twitter, so as not to know the score. I’d also stayed off Facebook as Jimmy always comments on the match – I have no idea why – he is not qualified to talk about the finer points, although, to be fair, he is an expert on fighting and shoe-ing amongst the low numbers.

We finished well after midnight – and got to bed just in time to be woken up by the kids wanting drinks and wees


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