RIP Manuel

As time elapses and culture changes a lot of humour tends to date. Things from the past that you still find funny make your kids look at you as if you’re a bit demented.

But there are some series that are genuinely timeless – ‘Only Fools. ’Blackadder’ and the classic 12 episodes of ‘Fawlty Towers’.

Every one of the ‘Fawlty’ scripts revolved around the four key characters – Basil; Sybil, Polly and Manuel.

Sadly today it was announced that Andrew Sachs who was brilliant as Manuel died

He passed away last week and his funeral was on Wednesday.

The John Cleese/ Connie Booth scripts were very clever – both verbally and physical comedy – and they needed the comic timing of the actors to make them some of the best ever productions.

Speaking of his on-screen chemistry with Sachs, Cleese said: “It’s like playing tennis with someone who is exactly as good as you are. And you play with them every week, sometimes he wins and sometimes you win, but somehow there is a rapport. It comes from the very deepest part of ourselves. We never had to work at it, it all happened so easily.”

He said his favourite scene with Sachs was when Manuel and Basil tried to hide a dead hotel guest in a laundry basket.

Andrew Sachs wasn’t from Barcelona – but you really believed he might have been.

There aren’t many programmes or performances you can watch endlessly – ‘Fawlty Towers’ and Andrew Sachs are both.

RIP Manuel


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