Restricted Service

Currently Rich, Silvi, Annalia and Rafa are on a plane heading to Turnip Town. Well not exactly TT – we’ve only just got a radio station (Pasty FM) so an airport is some way off I imagine.

But they will be landing in the UK around mid-day tomorrow – although it will be tea time before they’ve picked up all the luggage (car seats, double buggy, Thomas the Tank train, Frozen dresses etc)

It’s been 8 months since we last saw them, so the next three weeks will be precious.

The chance of me keeping up this nonsense every day is about as likely as Eric’s dvd on slimming advice being the top Christmas seller this year (or any year!)

I hope that both my readers will be patient (which they should be if they read this rubbish) and the abnormal service will be resumed at some point (maybe)

I’ll try and scribble some nonsense at least once a day – I may get Rafa to help – you’ll know, as it will be more coherent and comprehensible (whatever that means)


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