The Dark Web

It emerged yesterday that the Tory Chief Whip has a secret.

This is less exciting than you might have hoped as it is only tangentially linked to the dark web.

Gavin Williamson keeps a tarantula on his desk apparently – it’s one year old and he calls it Cronus (after his mates in the cabinet no doubt)

Gav’s job is to ensure that the Tory MPs all act totally responsibly i.e. vote for anything the Government want to get approved – no matter how bleeding stupid it is!

The news didn’t enlighten us on whether Cronus is used as a form of persuasion against any Tory who might just be thinking of joining in with the other lot when the Division Bell clangs.

I imagine he doesn’t actually use a whip anymore as a fair few of them would quite like that.

He has some tough acts to follow and Spidey will be working overtime.

If Cronus ever gets shagged out Gav could always get a few of these to help keep any dissidents in line


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