Wing Nuts

It’s Thanksgiving in the States today and Lyn, our good friend in the States, sent us a message about concerns regarding what to talk about over dinner! –

From: Lynda <lwiseman504
Sent: 23 November 2016 13:13
To: teresashute@; davidshute
Subject: Dinner conversation

There have been tons of advice on how to handle dinner conversations tomorrow! Some hosts are posting signs about no political discussions…if u mention Trump, u have to scrub all the pots & pans, etc. If u think the conversation is veering in that direction, you’re to quickly say ‘and what about ……..?’  !!!!

All over the States I suspect there may be some interesting ‘discussions’ as they carve the turkey – hopefully the house rules will require guns (especially assault weapons) to be checked at the front door!

Laughably Trump gave a speech last night calling for unity – which is a bit like Philip Green insisting that he should be the new pension’s regulator!

There has been millions of column inches covering what might happen and the fear of Trump being elected president, in particular since some of his more controversial appointments to his cabinet.

He has already made a number of U-turns and no one knows what will actually happen.

But if you really want to be scared then you should get the box set of ‘The West Wing’ and see some of the issues that will inevitably come up.

Of course it is a drama and fiction – but they shot three specials during the series – one interviewing those who had been in the White House – including past presidents, chiefs of staff, press secretaries and speech writers. They all confirmed just how accurate the ‘West Wing’ scripts were regarding the issues and what actually went on (Season 3)


Paul Begala – Counselor to the President, Clinton Administration

President Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

President William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Betty Currie – Personal Secretary to the President – Clinton Administration

Lanny J. Davis – Special Counsel to the President, Clinton Administration

Ken Duberstein – White House Chief of Staff, Reagan Administration

Kris Engskov – Aide to the President, Clinton Administration

Marlin Fitzwater – White House Press Secretary, Reagan/GHW Bush Administrations

President Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States

David Gergen – White House Advisor, Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Clinton Administrations

Henry Kissinger – Secretary of State/National Security Advisor, Nixon/Ford Administrations

Michelle Crisci Meyercord – Special Assistant, Clinton Administration

Dee Dee Myers – White House Press Secretary, Clinton Administration

Peggy Noonan – Presidential Speechwriter, Reagan Administration

Leon Panetta – White House Chief of Staff, Clinton Administration / Secretary of Defense, Obama Administration

Karl Rove – Senior Advisor to the President, George W. Bush Administration

Gene Sperling – White House Chief Economic Advisor, Clinton Administration

Another emotional episode covered 9/11 (‘Isaac and Ishmael’)

The issues covered in the 7 series included areas that are still alive today including –




Pro -life lobby

Gay marriage


Gun Control


Mass killings in schools


Health care

Drug smuggling

Relations with Mexico

Race crimes


Police shootings

Jobs and the economy

Corruption in business




Getting laws and budgets approved

Continuing resolutions

Americans abroad


Foreign policy generally


‘The State of the Union’

And of course – Nuclear weapons


Oh yeah – and the two ton block of cheese day


and pardoning a turkey! Both really happen!


There were some 156 episodes so there are many issues I haven’t mentioned.

The accuracy was underscored in the writing – they didn’t always win, they regularly messed up and handled things badly. They were shown as having human failings like us all.

The Democrats were in power but they didn’t automatically paint the Republicans as ‘villains’ and they were frequently wrong footed and lost on key bills.

The detail was vivid and credible.

Virtually all the issues above are still on the table – and that is what is scary – not just for America but for the rest of the world.

Forget the wall, TPP and the ‘locking up Hillary’ nonsense – the real scary thing is having a gung ho bloke in the White House when this stuff comes up over the next four years – and you can be sure it will!



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