Benefits with Friends

The one thing that Terry and I miss about living in London is the opportunity to go to the theatre, opera and exhibitions. The exhibition stuff is more Terry than me to be honest – I prefer those Soho sex shops that have ‘Debbie does Dallas’ dvds in the bargain bucket.

The good news though is that in Turnip Town they now offer lots of ‘live’ broadcasts in the local cinema.

This is not just from London but from theatres all over the world.

The atmosphere isn’t the same as ‘being there’, but then neither are the ticket prices.

These are top shows and productions from Sydney, New York, LA and European capitals – although these last ones may be chopped as part of the brilliant Brexit plans, obviously. Plans?  I’ve seen better strategies from creatures lying on their backs at the bottom of ponds!

I digress – last night we saw a film promoting the new Alan Bennett book (‘Keep on Keeping on’) – this was followed by a Q & A with Alan. I realise that that sounds a bit familiar of me, but he’s such a nice and witty bloke that I wish I did know him. It patently helps that we share the same political views.

The film and his diaries are well worth a look as is the broadcast programme – these are not all high- brow stuff – recently they have shown the premiere of the Beatles film, Miss Saigon, The Audience and Amadeus.

Ticket prices are a fraction of the cost of being there – and that’s without plane tickets, a hotel for the night, congestion charge and parking – not to mention the Debbie dvds (even on discount).

And, you can be home in your own bed within 20 minutes of the curtain going down (even if the donkey cart is a bit slow).

Take a mate (if you’ve got one) – it’s like benefits with friends.


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