Over a Barrel

If you subscribe to the idea that the England rugby team is full of nobs who went to Eton – a) you’re a twat and b) I wouldn’t mention it to either of the Vunipola’s if I were you (or Courtney Lawes come to that).

The reason I mention it is that at one time there were a shedload of England players with double barrelled names and these were always associated with the upper class –


At present the only one in the England squad who has this sort of moniker is Luke Cowan-Dickie – and I recommend that you don’t suggest to him that you think he’s a bit of a toff either (or take the piss out of his Barnet!)

New Zealand also have one at the moment – Anton Lienert-Brown – he emerged from the Rugby Championship as a player of real star quality and I expect Steve Hansen to start him on Saturday against Ireland in Dublin.

The best quote I have heard about players with more than one surname was from Nick England on his attempts to tackle England fly half Phil Horrocks-Taylor who played for England and the Lions in the late 50s and early 60s –

“Every time I went to tackle him, Horrocks went one way, Taylor went the other, and all I got was the bloody hyphen.” – Nick England


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