Stupid is as Stupid does

There’s a scene in ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ where George admits that he’s a few sausages short of a barbecue –

Blackadder:     Just use your imagination for heavens sake. [thinks) wait   a minute, that’s the answer. I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid.

 Baldrick:       Yeah, that is unusual, ‘cos usually I’m the stupid one.

 George:         Well, I’m not over-furnished in the brain department.

 Blackadder:     Well, on this occasion I’ve been stupidest of all.

 George:         Oh, now sir! I will not have that! Baldrick and I will always be more stupid than you. Isn’t that right Baldrick?

 Baldrick:       Yeah, [standing up also] stupidy, stupidy, stupidy.

George:         Stupidest stupids in the whole history of stupidityness.

 The problem today is that the really thick ones either don’t recognise it or are just too stupid to know!!

Fortunately there are lots of people more than happy to point it out to them!

Obviously nothing is going to change and they ‘Trumpeters’ and ‘Leave it out’ brigade will go on about our whinging – still anything to annoy them eh?

Of course the real joke is on the rest of us


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