Songs of Craze

The Stones and Trump are in dispute over his using one of their songs at his rallies (‘Start me up’)

Despite the ongoing legal battle he used another of their songs – ‘You can’t always get what you want’ presumably taking the piss out of those who voted for Hillary.

This seems singularly appropriate for the many Americans who didn’t vote for him – although I would have thought that there are some other Stones songs might better characterise the low points of his campaign –

‘Under my Thumb’

‘Gimme Shelter’

‘Sympathy for the Devil’

‘Doom and Gloom’

‘Honky Tonk Women’

‘Paint it Black’

‘She was hot’

‘Rough Justice’


‘Can I get a witness’

‘Dirty work’

‘Do you think I really care?’

‘Good time woman’

‘Jiving sister fanny’

‘Sad day’

‘Sex drive’

‘Too rude’

‘Turd on the run’

‘You should have seen her ass’

‘Winning ugly’

And then there’s ‘Sittin’ on the fence’ – presumably the one on the Mexican border, soon to be replaced by a fucking great wall apparently.



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